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Liner 5.0mm, Shader 3.5mm, Packer 4.2mm


This is the RCA version of the Power Wand and only includes the machine with RCA adapter.

New Look, Same Power - This machine differs from the current Wand with it's newly engraved Power Wand spline and patent-pending magnetic backplate that easily fastens on the magnetic RCA adapter. It also has battery compatibility (batteries sold separately).

POWER WAND Features:
- Liner 5.0mm, Shader 3.5mm, Packer 4.2mm stroke
- Recommended voltage: 6 - 8V
- Can be used for all your Color needs, even Fine or Bold lines
- Intended for Color Packing, Color Realism, Traditional Color Packing, Better Ink Saturation and Fine or Bold Lines
- Brushless motor with custom winding, made specifically with more torque and power

Technical details:
- Adjustable Needle depth up to 6mm
- Custom Faulhaber Motor, precision movement
- Machine weight: 142grams
- Height: 110mm
- Diameter: 31 mm (1.24")
- Matte Black Cap & Grip with hand polished band
- Aircraft Aluminum
- Made in the U.S.A
- 1 year warranty

Package includes:
1x Power Wand RCA machine
1x Machine case
1x Bishop RCA Cord



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