EZ | - P2S - Wireless Pen - 3.5mm Stroke

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The EZ Portex Generation 2S (P2S) Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen - Unlike traditional pen-style tattoo machines the P2S does not require a cord and thus provides freedom of tattooing anywhere and anyhow you want to! All in all a satisfying tattooing experience comprised of best-in-class EZ customized motor with direct drive system.

The LED display will indicate the working voltage, battery capacity and record your working time.

- Discover the future of tattooing with P2S, tattoo without cords
- LED screen displays current voltage, battery capacity and timer
- New timer function helps you track worktime without a power supply or separate timer
- .1 volt adjustment resolution or optionally .5 in "quick adjust" mode for faster change
- Detachable power pack, easy to replace with a fully charged one when needed
- The power pack provides approximately 5 hours of working time (depending on the used, voltage, needle brand and size, temperature etc.) Please note that, like any Li-Ion battery, this battery will also wear down in time and capacity slowly gets lower causing working time to get shorter. This is normal wear over time and is not covered by warranty.
- Compatible with most standard model tattoo needle cartridges on the market

P2S Machine Technical Details:
- Motor: EZ Customized Swiss Motor
- Material: Aircraft aluminum
- Stroke Length: 3.5 mm
- Operating Voltage: 5 - 9 V DC
- Rpm: 10800rpm ± 10%
- Switch Frequency: 60 - 160 Hz
- Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4,5 mm
- Dimensions(Ø X L): 32 x 142 mm
- Weight: 6.96 oz (197g) with power pack
- Warranty 6 months

Power Pack Technical Details:
- Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
- Recharging Time: 2 hrs
- Power pack Working time: Approx. 5 hours (charge duration is subject to variation depending on the used voltage, needle brand and size as well as environmental factors such as temperature etc.)
- USB-C port for charging (cable included in machine set)
Please note! This machine is compatible with most membrane cartridges. Cartridges without membrane may cause ink leakage to the motor. Ink or other liquid inside the machine will void the warranty.

Please note! All EZ battery related devices don't support fast charging/super fast charging. We recommend that you use a standard charger and data cables. Fast charging/super fast charging may get damage the battery.



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